7000 (9-11-13-16-19-21tm)

Our new crane line !

7090B, 7112B, 7130B, 7160B, 7210B & 7240B
9 tm, 13 tm and 16 tm class articulated boom cranes. Perfect solution for cost and performance in loading and unloading operations.

7091C, 7095C, 7103C, 7111C, 7121C, 7125C, 7131C, 7143C, 7153C, 7161C, 7173C, 7183C, 7213C, 7223C, 7231C, 7243C & 7261C
9 tm, 11tm, 13 tm, 16tm, 19 tm and 21tm top performance articulated cranes. Equipped with double linkage boom system. Made for complex lifting applications and high demanding users.

7091SC, 7111SC, 7131SC, 7161SC, 7213SC & 7243SC
9 tm, 13 tm and 16 tm class short boom articulated cranes with double linkages. Designed for high loads delivery. Installation on compact wheelbase trucks. Used in construction applications.

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7000 (9-21 tm) ALL MODELS