A touch of ‘magic’

Crafted with safety and efficiency in mind, the new F.lli Ferrari 7000 series of vehicle loading cranes is making light work of heavy lifting. Several advanced safety features help to reduce the risk equipment damage and enhance operator safety.

Crane truck transport specialist, Armitage Transport, recently took delivery of two new F.lli Ferrari 7153 Magic Touch radio remote controlled cranes. Having previously seen the equipment in action, company owner Dave Gannon knew these were perfect additions to his fleet. “When I saw one of these cranes in operation, I knew they were a good thing,” he says. “I liked the Magic Touch option, as folding and unfolding cranes is where a lot of the damage has occurred over the years, so it made sense to take that aspect out of the equation.”

Magic Touch is an automatic crane folding and unfolding system, that can be operated via the flick of a switch. “If a crane is going to get damaged, it would often happen during the folding or unfolding process. The Magic Touch is a real game changer – and a very good safety feature,” adds Don Peden of Truck Cranes Australia, a long time distributor for the Ferrari range of cranes throughout Queensland. “Magic Touch is an innovation, using an entirely new process. The feature is also great for the hire industry, where operators have limited knowledge of operating a crane. Magic Touch eliminates the guess work.”

The Magic Touch system allows the operator to automatically fold the crane back from any position once the truck has been stabilised; and unfold it into the required working position.“Over the years, accidents in the vehicle loading crane industry have typically occurred during the folding and unfolding process. This technology not only reduces the risk of damage to the equipment but also reduces any risk of an operator being accidentally crushed during the process,” Don

And Dave agrees. “It’s all about ensuring the safety of the operator and avoiding damage to the equipment. At end of day, damage becomes downtime.”Armitage Transport was started during the 1980s. Dave took ownership of the business in 2004 and operates a fleet of 22 crane trucks, which are used predominantly to transport building materials throughout south-east Queensland. The new F.lli Ferrari 7153 Magic Touch cranes were put to work in March, transporting prefabricated timber house frames and roof frames. As with any transport operation, safety remains top of mind for Dave. “The cranes available as recently as 10 years ago had nowhere near as many safety features as what is available today,” he says. “The general safety mechanisms built into the crane are really important, especially these days where OH&S issues are mounting all the time. Regulations are getting tougher but it’s for all the right reasons.”

Along with the Magic Touch system, another of the crane’s key safety features is the Dynamic Load Diagram system, which allows the operator to verify the lifting capacity of the crane based on the truck’s stability. The operator can select the weight of the load, and according to the stabiliser position, the system calculates the stability around the truck. The available outreach for the selected load and the actual boom slewing position can be easily viewed via a graphic display.

“We are fortunate that we’ve never had any issues with rollovers, but I have heard of instances where they have happened because the driver thought the truck was stable but it wasn’t,” says Dave. “With the Dynamic Load Diagram system, you can see what your working range is within the crane. It shows a picture that makes it very clear where you can and can’t operate the crane. It is a big advantage for operators because it takes all of the guesswork out of it.”

Designed to be user friendly, this truck stability control feature allows the operator to check crane performances in advance, eliminating the need to re-stabilise. “When operating a crane truck, the operator relies on the stability of the truck, so if the stabiliser leg is not out, there is the risk of overturning the truck,” explains Don. “The stabiliser control system senses where the legs are – if they are fully extended, the crane can do a larger lift, but if they are only partially extended, the operator only gets a partial lift. From an operator’s perspective, the F.lli Ferrari 7153 Magic Touch is very safe and takes care a lot of the hard work out of operating a crane.”

Source: A touch of ‘magic’ | Truck Trailer Building & Equipment News | Trailer Magazine
http://www.trailermag.com.au/featured/article/a-touch-of-magic (From the April 2018 issue)