Assembly process

Six-step assembly

All components are delivered to the assembly plant painted and/or treated. Following quality checks, they are ready to be assembled using specialist tools to avoid paint damage in our newly developed six-step procedure.

  • Step 1: base and column mounting
  • Step 2: the crane is laid down horizontally and the lifting cylinder, connecting rods, iron pipes and column rotation are added
  • Step 3: pre-assembled crane and stabilizer control valves (main and secondary) are mounted and connected
  • Step 4: pre-assembled main boom is joined to the column
  • Step 5: the column is rotated and all the rubber hoses are connected from cylinders to control valve
  • Step 6: the crane is lifted up to a vertical position and electrical components and plastic components (oil tank and covers) are mounted
  • Testing: crane is locked on the testing bench. Second boom and stabilizers are applied. Dedicated expert personnel set, test and perform the final quality check


Then, when fully assembled, each crane must pass a variety of functional tests while it receives its final settings. When calibration is complete, each adjustment screw is covered with a factory seal to prevent unauthorised tampering. Each crane is then packaged – wrapped and secured to a wooden transport pallet – ready for shipment and delivery.