Control Station

The control station which includes crane and stabilizer controls supports all control versions on all models. Dedicated studies on ergonomics and user preferences have created the most ergonomic working position and user-friendly interface which facilitate accurate and safe operation. The 7 inch colour, intuitive information display facilitates natural movements by the operator during use.

  • Ergonomic positioning of levers delivers ease of use and comfortable operation
  • Vertical stabilizer control levers easy to use and give driver good overview of operation
  • Crane controls in the lower position avoid stress on driver’s shoulder and arms. Displays with high contrast, good viewing angle and sunshade provide perfect visualisation of operation
  • Same controls, look and feel on all models
  • Main and auxiliary controls cross connected such that the levers are in the same order on both sides
  • D-line has a third control station to avoid uncomfortable operation when the crane is folded and the boom covers the secondary control station