F.lli Ferrari 7160 B New Age
short boom articulated crane
F.lli Ferrari 7160 B New Age
operating in Piacenza, Italy

Our dealer installs a F.lli Ferrari 7160 B New Age loader crane in Piacenza


At the end of June, F.lli Ferrari’s italian dealer, installed and supplied a F.lli Ferrari 7160 B onto a Volvo 4×2 truck.

The company is based in Piacenza, Northern of Italy, and provides sale, installation, and service of truck mounted cranes of the best brands, for construction, timber transport, waste transport, etc.

The New Age 7160 B model, 16 tm class short boom articulated crane with double linkages, is designed for high loads delivery in construction applications. The installation on compact wheelbase trucks allows to reach confined spaces.

The main features appreciated by the users of this unit are:

• Slewing angle: 425°

• EQS Extension Quick System

Dynamic Load Diagram

Magic Touch