Crane use

Smooth Descent Valve (SDV)

The SDV system uses a special counterbalance valve to reduce boom oscillation and facilitates high precision in unloading operations and a smooth descent stop.

Slewing Angle
Rack and pinion slewing system designed to achieve a wide slewing angle. Best in medium sized cranes category with 425° slewing angle. The operator is free to rotate around the entire working area. A wider slewing angle improves productivity in all applications, especially where the crane is installed at the rear of the vehicle.

Self-Lubricating Bushings

Each boom articulation is equipped with these special bushings which separate the articulation pin from the corresponding holes in the boom. These reduce maintenance and extend the life of the crane.

Extension Quick System (EQS)

The EQS system increases extensions speed without compromising crane safety. EQS uses a specially designed counterbalance valve and creates a regenerative hydraulic circuit. This increases speed and efficiency on every extension cylinder – the more extensions, the greater the saving in time.

Radio Load Controller (RLC)

The RLC system is intended for protection of the manual extensions of the crane and for load indication. A load cell containing a radio transmitter is installed at the crane’s load hook, reads the load on the hook and sends the value back to the display by radio signal. The display shows the operator the weight being lifted in real time. And, the operator can choose to bypass load limiting and use the load cell as a scale.

Extra Function

Extra functions can be added with levers to control a hydraulic accessory mounted by the installer. An extra activated function includes an extra valve and all of the hoses and piping necessary to the end of the boom. At the end of the boom the pipes end in quick connectors.


A jib extends the crane’s flexibility, increasing its horizontal and vertical reach. It increases the working area and gives the ability to work above buildings or inside high floors. The jib is connected to the crane with a pin and 4 quick connectors, so it is easy to disconnect and remove if required.


Cranes can be supplied ready for winch installation or complete with a high quality Rozler winch and range of accessories.