New Age Line

Ferrari NEW Age is the next generation of hydraulic cranes developed to break boundaries of design, performance, safety and reliability. This line showcases a range of 40 truck-mounted cranes spanning from 9 up to 66 tm class, with user-friendly controls and innovative electronic features to ensure the best safety and efficiency in operation.

From concept to field

An extensive analysis of our customers demands along with ergonomic studies conducted by industrial designers our NEW AGE Line has been engineered to meet any application.
During the design phase, FEM (Finite Element Method) has been used to analyse the crane structure and loading conditions and obtain strength-to weight optimisation.
Each component is checked for conformity to specification and assembled in a dedicated and specially equipped prototyping area.
The prototype is subject to an extensive analysis and, at a prior stage, the cranes are launched only after a complete field testing programme.


Innovation for 1st class lifting experience

The NEW AGE Line showcases a range of 40 cranes, from 9 up to 66 tm class.
Every single detail has been designed to improve comfort and performance while easing tasks, saving time and reducing risks in operation.
Striving for maximum versatility, the NEW AGE offers a selection of features to fulfill any industry.

Functional aesthetic: robust structural design and hose covers

Crane control systems: the operator can supervise the crane working and select the most effective parameters.

Magic touch: created to improve productivity, safety and time savings in operation

Double linkage: high adaptation with negative angle and constant capacity in all positions

Endless slewingextreme flexibility for a high performance in application


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