Flli Ferrari Crane 732 at work in the Vialattea, Piemonte’s mountain Alps, to prepare for the opening of the winter season

F.lli Ferrari 732 crane installed on trucks IVECO Trakker 360 is working to ensure the opening of the next skiing season in Piemonte, region of Northern Italy. The care of the territory with ordinary maintenance and the movement of the wooden structures of the various equipment begin in summer and close the activities with the arrival of the first snow in winter.

The 732 series is designed to be installed on a GVW 24 ton truck and on trucks with big dimensions. Thanks to the articulated boom, the Red Power – double linkage on the arm – and multiple accessories, this crane can be adapted to all applications and allows in a versatile way to the safe handling of various materials, useful for companies that make of maintenance their main activity

Features of the model

  • Strong
  • Red Power
  • Radio remote control multi functions with Danfoss PVG32 – standard
  • Rotzler winch

The 732 model, available up to 8 extensions, has a maximum lifting capacity of 27.4 tm and the maximum reach is 29.10 mt.

ferrari_732_at work