F.lli Ferrari participated in ‘Safety of Lifting Equipment’ Conference at GIS exhibition

F.lli Ferrari recently participated in a conference on ‘Safety of Lifting Equipment Operators – training to match innovation’. The Conference was organized during GIS exhibition at the Piacenza Expo fairgrounds in Italy and promoted by ANFIA, National Association of the Automotive Industry.

Francesco Marinelli, Engineer – R&D Director at HCE, of Flli Ferrari is an active member of ANFIA and UNI delegate for CEN / TC147/ WG18 activities.

UNI and ANFIA have always invited manufacturers such as F.lli Ferrari to take an active interest in the standardization sector. For this purpose, UNI has delegated technical experts in charge of projects from the main companies in the sector to participate in the CEN/TC 147 (Safety of lifting equipment) meetings to update the harmonised standard EN 12999 (WG18) and the design standards of the EN 13001 series (WG2).



Our frequent participation in the meeetings, in Italy and in the main European offices, has allowed us to:

  • Intervene with the technical bodies by proposing/drafting changes
  • Know in advance the evolution of the regulations and the timing of their implementation
  • Correctly interpret the regulatory provisions thanks to the comparison with other experts and with the representatives of the control bodies present at the meetings

This has enabled F.lli Ferrari to excel in the design and construction of loading cranes, bringing to the market safe products with cutting-edge technological solutions.

Francesco Marinelli opened the conference by illustrating the regulatory evolution in the loader crane sector of the EN 12999 standard. He presented the normative evolution of the harmonised standard EN 12999, initiated in 2002, from the introduction of the DM 2006/42/CE (D.Lgs 207/2010) onwards, highlighting the increasing need for the introduction in the design and production of safety systems for the protection of users and work of truck cranes.

Mr. Marinelli mentioned how technological development has radically changed the design methodologies and those of safety and control devices with the strong presence of electronic sensors, electronic load limiters, advanced control devices and 4.0 devices that allow remote and cloud-based business management.

The digitisation of machines, also defined as Industry 4.0, is now the new step to be taken for an easy and fast functional monitoring, preventing breakdowns, scheduling ad hoc technical assistance and geolocation of a single crane or an entire fleet.

Francesco Marinelli concluded his speech by stating: “The EN1299 standard is constantly being updated and is constantly aligned over the years with the need to ensure safety and efficiency in everyday work.”

The publication of the new version EN12999:2020 in the European Official Journal was 15/10/2021.