F.lli Ferrari expands New Age Line
with the launch of 19-21 tm family cranes

F.lli Ferrari expands New Age Line with the launch of 19-21 tm family cranes

Breaking the boundaries in performance and safety

F.lli Ferrari has increased choice and performance in its NEW AGE Line with the launch of another 14 crane models with 5 different boom configurations.

The NEW AGE Line cranes have been totally redesigned and reengineered to deliver top performance, ease of use and maintenance and the highest level of modularity in models, features and accessories.

Telescopic boom cranes. Designed to be used in car recovery and in all other applications where a compact, light, and easy to operate crane is needed

Articulated boom cranes. Perfect solution for cost and performance in loading and unloading operations.

Top performance articulated cranes. Equipped with double linkage boom system. Made for complex lifting applications and highly demanding users.

Short boom articulated cranes with double linkages. Designed for high loads delivery. Installation on compact wheelbase trucks. Used in construction applications.

Endless slewing cranes with double linkage boom system.  Made for complex lifting applications and highly demanding users.

This new 19-21 tm family complements the already successful 9 tm and 13-16 tm cranes in the NEW AGE Line and further strengthens F.lli Ferrari’s position in truck-mounted cranes. The range now spans from 1 to 165 tm and offers the best warranty in the industry today, 3 years general and 5 years on structure.

A focus on stability, ergonomic working positions and user-friendly interfaces has delivered accurate and safe operation.

Innovations in the NEW AGE Line include Dynamic Load Diagram, totally new in the truck-mounted crane industry, which allows verification in advance of the crane lifting capacity based on the actual truck stability; and, Magic Touch which allows the driver to open automatically the crane from transport position to working position and back to transport position when required. Both of these features improve driver attention and can save time and increase productivity.

“The innovative design, new electronics and hydraulics of our NEW AGE cranes guarantee excellent lifting performance and improve operator safety and efficiency,” explained Giuseppe Bevacqua, Product Manager Cranes. “With these new cranes, we now offer solutions for every industry and application, from mining to maintenance, construction to car recovery.”

All F.lli Ferrari cranes are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certified.