The 729 is designed to be installed on a GVW 19 ton truck and on bigger trucks. Thanks to the articulated boom, the Red Power, negative angle and radio remote controls with Danfoss PVG32 the 729 is the perfect choice for high demanding customers.

Features of the model

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pictogram_lifting_moments Lifting moment: 27.3 tm
pictogram_slewing_angle Slewing angle: 425º
pictogram_working_pressure Max. working pressure: 325 bar
pictogram_max_oil_flow Oil flow: 80 l/min
icon-oiltank Oil tank: 180 l
pictogram_standard_weight Standard weight: 3305 kg
icon-stabilizer Standard stabilizers: 6610 mm
icon-truck Suggested truck: GVW 19 t


  • Cast base
  • Red Power and Negative angle
  • PB (Power Boost)
  • Safety valves
  • EQS (Extension Quick System)
  • Dual manual controls (not with radio remote control)
  • Load Limiting Device
  • Self-lubricating bushings
  • Swivel load hook
  • Turning stabilizers
  • Rack and pinion slewing system


  • Radio Remote Control (Hetronic + Danfoss PVG32)
  • Automatic turning stabilizers
  • Manual extensions
  • RLC
  • Extra functions
  • Oil cooler
  • Additional cross beams
  • Hydraulic winch
  • JIB


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